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Sensol Golf Villa Rentals provides a full programme of professional services to cover all the needs of property owners in its catchment area. These services go from its property rental and advertising options through to its all inclusive packages of property management services.

Spanish rental property owners advertising options
Spanish rental property owners management services

Maximize the investment on your spanish rental property!

To maximize the rental return on your valuable investment on your spanish property, it is essential that your property for rent is presented in the best possible state to the renter. The best form of advertising your spanish properties is by word of mouth. A happy customer will return from their holiday with good things to say to their relatives and friends about how much they enjoyed staying in your property and the quality service they received from us.

Local home owners in Spain

If you live local to your rental property then you can manage this important task yourself and may only need the services of PRVR to advertise your property but if not then you will need someone local to manage your spanish property. It is only natural that you should want the most cost effective provider of the best quality service, but beware of false economies. In our experience the old adage "you get what you pay for" is certainly true.

Take precautions

Another major factor that should determine your choice of which property advertising and management company to use is whether or not the company is trading 100% legally within the Spanish law.

For your own consumer rights protection and peace of mind, any property management company you select should be a properly registered Spanish S.L.(Ltd) company and have what´s called a C.I.F. registration number and the capacity to issue you with official invoices which include IVA (Spanish VAT). If the company cannot provide you with readily available evidence of all these pre-requisites, be very wary indeed. If they are not office based but home based if any problems arise you will have no come back like you would with a legally registered company.

Choose us to manage your spanish property!

Renting out a rental property takes up a great deal of time, liaising with customers, sending out property details, arranging payments, coordinating arrivals and departures, carrying out cleans, the list is endless!

So why not take advantage of our full "Gold Management Package" or one of our other management packages. You will have peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of.

We are fully confident that all costs entailed through using our services will be recovered several times over by owners being part of what is the premier villa rental site on the Costa Calida, Spain.

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